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Work experience

Professional experience in my field

Tech Leaders Core Team Member and PHP Symfony Developer

Sep 2015 – Oct 2018
Cracow, PL; London, UK

Organizer; mentor; Core Team member; online tools, web app developer & maintenance. 

Tech Leaders is a free mentoring programme. It is a great opportunity to work and learn with mentors for several months.

Women in Technology Poland Founder and Event Organizer

May 2014 – Oct 2018
Kraków, PL

I established a Cracow branch community of successful women who share a love for technology – creating software and hardware.

The goal is to break down the barriers and promote members as specialists. Our aim is to get to know and support each other, and to show that women work in a technical world. The meetings exchange knowledge and experiences. We create different kinds of workshops and encourage women to join the technology industry.

ePlanist PHP Symfony Developer

Feb 2014 – Oct 2016
Cracow, PL

Creating a B2B online startup application for employees worktime management with legal system validation. That includes vacations management, worktime reports and schedules, export/import API from other systems and automated work-timetable creation. Ambassador

Jan 2014 – Aug 2016
Kraków, UK

Hack4good is an international hackathon series started by Geeklist. Kraków is hosting this event together with over 50 cities world wide.
The Hack4good series focuses solely on uniting the world’s greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders, and entrepreneurs to help make the world a better place by developing applications for humanity.

I have build hack4good Kraków social community. Beyond being an ambassador and organizer I was working as a social media marketer during Hack4good in Kraków. I have build hack4good social community. I has proven myself as a leader of the project.

Idea Bank Getin Holding S.A. group Organizer and Mentor

Apr 2016
Kraków, PL

I helped to organize the Idea Hub Hackathon for students or enterprising people. This hackathon was created to help entrepreneurs to realize a dream of their own business. The main theme of the hackathon were B2B solutions.

Geek Week Fest Speaker

Nov 2015
Kraków, PL

Simplify your work and learn about Git as a modern, distributed version control system.

Cranberrycode CEO, Software Engineer and Event Organizer

May 2013 – Sep 2015
Kraków, PL

  • a team member of several projects
  • a freelancer for business customers
  • an organizer of complete IT events (e.g. for Idea Hub, Women in Technology)
  • a guest speaker at Cracow University of Technology
  • a speaker at charity events
  • a workshop trainer (Git, Symfony)
  • event technical mentor
  • speaker at Lean in STEM conference in Warsaw
  • youth group seminal trainer during Lean in STEM conference in Warsaw

My most advanced and important project during this time was building a B2B startup online application for employees worktime management with legal system validation. That includes vacations management, worktime reports and schedules, export/import API from other systems and automated work-timetable creation.

Technologies I have been using are:

  • Agile
  • Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, Silex (projects relying on microservices in a Service-Oriented Architecture)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap integration, Javscript (JQuery), HTML
  • Linux, Mac OS X

Lean in STEM conference Speaker

Jun 2015

During marketplace for “Girls go STEM!” initiatives I shared my “How to support women and their passion about technology” good practises.

I was also a youth group seminal trainer during that event.

Beacon Valley Hackathon Mentor

Jun 2015
Kraków, PL

Beacons for Business, Beacons for Good, Beacons for Fun as 24-hour hackathon. It is all about beacons 🙂

Rails Girls Silesia Mentor

Oct 2014

I love being a tutor so once again I had a chance to share my knowledge about Rails Girls and webdevelopment among women.

Hack4good 0.6 Ambassador, Organizer and Team Leader

Sep 2014
Kraków, PL

Climate change theme

We were part of global event that connected people around the world: people in need, developers, representatives of non profit organizations, API providers and sponsors. Over 2,000 developers took part in that movement around the world. Activity in our venue was streamed online 48 hours.

Rails Girls Mentor

Jun 2014

I taught how to use Ruby on Rails tools, understand technology and to build web applications.

Softnauts PHP Symfony Developer

Sep 2012 – Aug 2013
Kraków, PL

Main technologies I was using are: Symfony, Doctrine, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery).

Projects I worked on were complex automated website solutions for art galleries, artists, interior designers and architects. I gained a lot of experience with pixel perfect layouts, Javascript and CSS hacks.

My tasks were:

  • customers projects maintainance
  • making stable development, quality assurance and production environments
  • jenkins system cooperation
  • databases migrations
  • files migrations
  • layout changes and adding new features

Codete GmbH PHP Symfony Developer

Oct 2011 – Aug 2012
Kraków, PL

With this company I started a new chapter of my life. I fell in love in Symfony Framework (PHP) and started to work with the Agile system. I had occasion to work with splendid coworkers and customers, both Polish and international.
I also got to use the MongoDB database.

Projects I worked on:

  • work time management and legal case management software for lawyers
  • casting agency submissions and auditions for different professions
  • automated website solutions for art galleries, artists, interior designers and architects

Floatnet PHP Wordpress Developer

Mar 2011 – Nov 2011
Kraków, PL

During this time I created a few WordPress websites using HTML, Javascript, CSS and MySQL. It was a remote work.

Grupa inVette PHP Zend Developer

Jul 2011 – Oct 2011
Kraków, PL

During my vacation time I decided to do some remote working. I created an online shopping system using Zend Framework with Doctrine (MySQL ORM), HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Lucreati PHP Wordpress Developer

Apr 2011 – May 2011
Kraków, PL

Working remotely I created a few customized WordPress websites using HTML, Javascript, CSS and MySQL.

Dotlabs PHP Zend Developer, PHP Wordpress Developer

Jul 2009 – Jun 2010
Kraków, PL

This is where I learnt Zend Framework (PHP) and Doctrine (MySQL ORM). I also enjoyed working with frontend tools like xHtml, CSS, Javascript (jQuery).
I also gained experience in Content Management Systems (CMS) web development by creating sites using WordPress and Typolight.

Projects I worked on:

  • social networking sites
  • application for automate contracts creation
  • page-based systems for small customers