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Hack4good 0.6 Ambassador, Organizer, Team Leader, Mentor

Sep 2014

Krak贸w, PL

Climate change theme

We were part of global event that connected people around the world: people in need, developers, representatives of non profit organizations, API providers and sponsors. Over 2,000 developers took part in that movement around the world. Activity in our venue was streamed online 48 hours.

Hack4good 0.5 Ambassador, Organizer, Team Leader, Mentor

Jan 2014

Krak贸w, PL

Health & Climate Change theme

With a help of really great team we had a chance to start new event with a success 馃檪
We weree working with global charities like Amnesty International, Oxam, NPR Labs as well as local charities like Unicorn, Stowarzyszenie Krwiodawcy, Krakowski Alarm Smogowy, Czarna Owca Pana Kota, Wawelska Kooperatywa Spo艂eczna and Mam Marzenie. Ambassador

Jan 2014 鈥 Aug 2016

Krak贸w, UK

Hack4good is an international hackathon series started by Geeklist. Krak贸w is hosting this event together with over 50 cities world wide simultaneously.
The Hack4good series focuses solely on uniting the world’s greatest expert engineers, designers, product builders, and entrepreneurs to help make the world a better place by developing applications for humanity.

I have build hack4good Krak贸w social community. Beyond being an ambassador and organizer I was working as a social media marketer during Hack4good in Krak贸w. I have build hack4good social community. I has proven myself as a leader of the project.