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Women in Technology Speaker

Kraków, PL

Invited to celebrate 10th birthday and to give a presentation: ” Overview of programming languages ​​in terms of ease of learning”.

Santa Cloud Kraków Organizer, Fundraiser

Dec 2017
Kraków, PL

Second edition of the annual IT charity event, supporting La Fauna Foundation, ending the event with a charity auction.

Co-organizers: Czwartkowe Spotkania Social Media, Women in Technology.

Startup Week 2016: Startups & technology workshop series Speaker

Nov 2016
Kraków, PL

Startup Week 2016 is a series of workshops organized by Women in Technology that aim to introduce high school students to programming and building their own startups.

I led 2 workshops during the whole event:

SQL Database Structure and Design

Simplify your work and learn about Git as a modern, distributed version control system.

Geek Week KRK #4 Speaker

Nov 2015
Kraków, PL

I gave a presentation and led a workshop for participants of the event.

Simplify your work and learn about Git as a modern, distributed version control system.

Cranberrycode CEO, Software Engineer and Event Organizer

May 2013 – Sep 2015
Kraków, PL

  • a team member of several projects
  • a freelancer for business customers
  • an organizer of complete IT events (e.g. for Idea Hub, Women in Technology)
  • a guest speaker at Cracow University of Technology
  • a speaker at charity events
  • a workshop trainer (Git, Symfony)
  • event technical mentor
  • speaker at Lean in STEM conference in Warsaw
  • youth group seminal trainer during Lean in STEM conference in Warsaw

My most advanced and important project during this time was building a B2B startup online application for employees worktime management with legal system validation. That includes vacations management, worktime reports and schedules, export/import API from other systems and automated work-timetable creation.

Technologies I have been using are:

  • Agile
  • Symfony, Doctrine, Twig, Silex (projects relying on microservices in a Service-Oriented Architecture)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • Ruby on Rails
  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap integration, Javscript (JQuery), HTML
  • Linux, Mac OS X

Santa Cloud IT & Marketing Community for people and animals Speaker

Dec 2014
Katowice, PL

Charity event fundraising for animal rescue (Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami oddział w Zabrzu, and bone marrow donation registration.

Speaking about 48 hours of programming for Hack4good.

Co-organizers: Geek Girls Carrots, Women in Technology, Rails Girls Silesia, Czwartkowe Spotkania Social Media.

Cracow University of Technology Speaker

Oct 2014
Kraków, PL

I was invited to give a talk about Symfony framework during Day of Escape – internal Cracow University of Technology event.

The talk was “Rapid web development with Symfony”.


Careercon Kariera IT Kraków Speaker

Oct 2014
Kraków, PL

I led 2-hour workshop I called “Rapid web development with Symfony” for attendees of Carrer Conference in Cracow.

Women in Technology Poland Speaker

Oct 2014
Kraków, PL

The Power of Events. A short reflection, a motivation speech I wanted to share. The IT (and not only) events and its impact on your personal development and career.

Women in Technology Poland #3 Speaker

Aug 2014
Kraków, PL

The simplicity and capabilities of Symfony framework. Symfony as a set of autonomous and independent components, easy to learn and also widely customizable.