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I am a student of ICA – International Coach Academy, an ICF accredited coach training school with a 20 year reputation. I am pursuing the ACTP path (ICF Accredited Coach Training Program) to get ICF Credentials, attending the Certified Professional Coach Program.
My first long term goal is to pass internal exams, to graduate from ICA, then to acquire the ACC Credentials (Associate Certified Coach).

ICF is the world’s largest organization dedicated to professional coaching.

At the moment I offer peer coaching sessions.

Career in coaching

Coaching is my second career path.

My background

I am a software engineer, a technical mentor and a speaker. I have a lot of experience building communities, organising IT events, managing teams. I care about promoting technical women in the IT world. I help women change their career path.

Why coaching

Coaching is part of mentoring. That’s where the idea came from to become certified, to learn how to coach the right way, going hand in hand with an organisation with a strong ethics code.

My coaching model

Blended coaching or pure coaching.